About Us

Our Journey

While looking to install a pool at my rental unit we kept getting quotes of 12-18 months until completion and costs that did not make sense.

It was a no-brainer to state that no renter or homeowner wanted a large gaping hole in their backyard for over a year. So with this in mind, we decided to create something that will revolutionize the pool industry. This journey birthed Pools-Now.

From Start to Swim in 5 Weeks! 

Our fully packaged systems bundle a pre-finished, pre-cast concrete pool, which has swiftly emerged as a touchstone in the industry.

Thanks to our automation and seamless delivery of pre-packaged equipment we can deliver installations in as short as 5 weeks.

We don’t just offer a transformative product; it’s an entire process revamp, providing homeowners and builders with greater control and offering Americans a swift, cost-effective route to premium concrete pools. 

You can benefit from our products by relaxing, improving your health condition, and improving your overall mental health as well.

Pools-Now Promise: Transparent, Swift, and Seamless

The pools are proudly crafted in Texas, each Pools-Now Package is a testament to our goals of installing the cornerstone of American backyards.

In a relatively simple installation process, the pricing of our pool packages is very transparent, with fast delivery in weeks and professional service. All of these approaches made the pool installation process sooner.

To us, pools are more than mere recreational facilities. They capture the essence of American summers, echoing with joy and memories of families coming together.

Pools-Now Packages encapsulates this sentiment – it’s not just a pool; it’s an experience, a canvas for memories.

Join Our Pools-Now Family, Dive into Happiness

We’re not just installing pools; we’re crafting moments, aiming to ensure future generations cherish tales of their sun-drenched poolside days.

In choosing us to design and install your backyard pool, you become part of our family, and we work our hearts out to meet your demands. We cover almost all of Florida. See our pool installation area.


Discover Pools-Now Amazing Products

Would you like to learn more about how we provide innovative product solutions? 

Explore our products, witness our seamless processes, and embark on a journey where your dream pool is just a splash away.

You can contact us for your plunge pool needs. Your Oasis Awaits. Dive into Pools-Now Today!