Pools Now Payment Process to Purchase Your Desired Package

At Pools-Now, we pride ourselves on revolutionizing the pool installation experience. With our unique approach, we’ve streamlined the pool ownership process, ensuring that every customer enjoys a hassle-free and memorable journey. Let’s delve into the steps that’ll guide you through acquiring your Pools-Now Package.

1. Formal Quote Presentation To kick off, our sales team will furnish you with a detailed quote tailored to your pool aspirations, encompassing the model, equipment package, and any customizations you’ve got in mind. This quote stands valid for 30 days, with exceptions clearly communicated.

2. Acceptance & Sales Order Issuance Should our proposal align with your vision, we’ll transition to the Sales Order or Proforma Invoice phase. This pivotal step entails:

  • Finalizing your order details.
  • Confirming your chosen finish.
  • Providing a provisional delivery date. A gentle reminder: this stage has a validity of 7 days, contingent on the deposit receipt.

3. Deposit & Order Confirmation To cement our commitment, a 50% deposit is required. This greenlights us to initiate the essential permitting process, ensuring your pool package aligns with all regulations.

4. Order Locked – Commitment Deepens As we approach the delivery date, an additional 40% payment is due, allowing us to:

  • Set your pool production in motion.
  • Customize based on your requirements.
  • Schedule your pool package delivery. Timely communication at this juncture ensures a seamless transition to the next step.

5. First Inspection Phase Our dedicated team will liaise with the required inspectors to ensure every structural, rebar, bonding, and location detail is in place.

6. Delivery Confirmation Your peace of mind is paramount. Hence, post the receipt of the order payment, we stay in close contact, updating you on project timelines and any other relevant details.

7. Dispatch & Installation As we near the completion, we’ll touch base to confirm dispatch details, ensuring that every component, from the pool to the installation team, arrives synchronized for a smooth pool installation process.

8. Integration & Configuration This is where the magic happens! Our skilled team will oversee the pool set-up, equipment integration, and other nuances, ensuring your pool vision comes to life.

9. Inspections To ensure your pool meets all standards, we’ll coordinate with inspectors for all necessary checks.

10. Decking – The Final Touch Once we’ve cleared all inspections, the concrete decking process begins, adding the final touch to your Pools-Now pool.

11. Final Payment & Handover With the deck completed, we’ll move to the final payment phase, after which your Pools-Now pool is all set to make waves!

We understand this journey involves many steps, but rest assured, with Pools-Now by your side, it’s a voyage you’ll cherish.

If you have any more queries then check out out FAQ section. Dive into a world of luxury and efficiency with us!