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ecoFINISH Interior Coating - High Performance Swimmimg Pool

Experience the Premium Feel of ecoFINISH interior coating with Your Pools-Now Package!

Every Pools Now Package is more than just a swimming pool; it’s a finely crafted work of engineering. At its core, each of our concrete pool with premium finish possesses a high-performance cutting-edge thermo polymer coating, more commonly known as ecoFINISH coating. There are a lot of benefits to coating your pool with ecoFINISH.

Why Choose ecoFINISH Interior Coating?

Here’s why our use of ecoFINISH interior coating sets us apart:

Advanced Engineering:

ecoFINISH isn’t just a regular coating. It’s a sophisticated form of powder coating, which, when heated and blasted onto the internal shell of the pool, forms a watertight, flexible, and robust membrane. The specialty of ecoFINISH interior coating is not only it is quick to apply, but it also cures quickly. In a few hours, it dries, so you can begin refilling your pool immediately.

Luxurious to the Touch:

Depending on the specific interior pool finish, the texture of each pool can range from a slightly coarse, sandstone-like finish to the smoothness reminiscent of porcelain tiles. Importantly, every ecoFINISH color offers impressive non-slip properties, ensuring safety without compromising on comfort. ecoFINISH is available in various pool coating shades and ecoFINISH colors for fiberglass and concrete surfaces. Sandstone, black, blues, greys, and white are among these colors. You can rest assured that the pool interior coating will remain as beautiful for years as ever with even the darkest ecoFINISH shades.

Integration with Surroundings:

You can apply ecoFINISH coating for an integrated look that melds your pool seamlessly with its surroundings, we recommend adding coping tiles to the top edge of any pool model. These tiles can be easily sourced from any tile retailer and should be installed by a professional.

Proudly Made in the USA:

ecoFINISH material isn’t just a top-tier product; it’s also a testament to American manufacturing capability. Crafted with precision in Pennsylvania, this product stands as a symbol of quality, making waves not just within the country but across the globe. With ecoFINISH, the pool interior coating will look great for years. 

Personalized Finishes:

Waterline Tile Provision:

For those seeking an extra touch of elegance, we offer the option to halt the ecoFINISH pool at the skimmer entry’s base, paving the way for the addition of a waterline tile after installation*

Raw Concrete Finish:

If you’re envisioning a fully tiled pool, consider our alternative raw concrete internal finish. This is perfect for those wanting to tile the entire pool’s interior for a distinct look*

Choose Pools Now Finished Package

Opt for Pools Now Finished Package and immerse yourself in a blend of top-notch engineering and aesthetic appeal. Your dream pool awaits!