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For Home Owners

Dive into Elegance with your Plungie Studio Precast Concrete Pool Package from Pools-Now! Where space might be a limitation, creativity knows no bounds. The Pools-Now Plunge Studio pool is a testament to that! 

This premium swimming pool embodies sophistication and luxury, tailored to fit the most intimate of spaces without compromising on style or functionality.

Chic Design: The Studio’s sleek lines and modern aesthetics make it a standout piece in any setting. Its contemporary design ensures it not only offers relaxation but also adds a touch of elegance to your space.

Tailored for Outside Living: Especially curated for homes with limited yard space, or those nestled in bustling urban settings. The Plungie Studio Precast Concrete Pool Package from Pools-Now is the perfect pool solution for city dwellers or those with quaint front yards.

Lavish Lounging: With an expansive 20 sq ft bench, soak up the sun, read a book, or simply take in the surroundings. The Plunge Studio package isn’t just a pool, it’s your personal relaxation retreat.

Optimal Functionality: While its design is compact, the Studio boasts all the features of a full-sized swimming pool, ensuring you get the best of both worlds.

Transform your small space into a luxurious escape with the Pools-Now Plunge Studio Package. 

Dive in, lounge back, and let the world drift away!

Specifications of Plungie Studio Precast Concrete Pool


External: 12' Internal: 11' 5"


External: 7' Internal: 6' 5"


External: 5' 6½" Internal: 5' 3"


2,140 gal

Dry Weight

15,000 lbs

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For Builders

Elevate Any Space with Studio Precast Concrete Pool Package from Pools-Now!

In the world of design, it’s often the finer details that leave the most lasting impressions. The Pools-Now Plunge Studio Package is crafted precisely with this ethos.

Elegance in Every Curve: The Studio’s sophisticated design is an architect’s dream. Its clean lines and modern aesthetics make it an instant centerpiece, marrying form and function effortlessly.

Perfect for Compact Spaces: Whether it’s an urban townhouse or a minimalist modern home, Plunge Studio is tailored for spaces where every inch counts. At 12′ in length, it’s a compact marvel without compromising on luxury.

Lavish Lounging Real Estate: Offering over 20 sq ft of bench space, the Studio ensures that relaxation remains paramount. It’s the perfect nook for your clients to unwind, basking under the sun, or enjoy a serene evening.

Versatility at Its Best: While it’s designed for smaller spaces, these premium swimming pools versatility knows no bounds. It can be the main attraction in a front yard or a tucked-away oasis in an inner-city courtyard.

Propose the Plungie Studio Precast Concrete Pool to your clients and watch their spaces transform. It’s not just a pool; it’s an experience, a statement, and most importantly, a reflection of refined taste. 

With Plunge Pools, impressing your clients has never been easier or more stylish!

Specifications of Plungie Studio Precast Concrete Pool


External: 12' Internal: 11' 5"


External: 7' Internal: 6' 5"


External: 5' 6½" Internal: 5' 3"


2,140 gal

Dry weight

16,000 lbs

Ready to take the pool now?

Pools-Now 12' x 7' Plungie Studio Precast Concrete Pool

While we’ve scaled down the dimensions, we’ve amplified the luxury and innovation. This Plungie Studio Precast Concrete Pool Package from Pools-Now is designed for those with limited space but unlimited dreams. Crafted meticulously, this Plunge Studio swimming pool offers all the premium features you’ve come to expect from Pools-Now, but in a more compact form.

Perfect for tight spaces

EcoFinish interior coatings



What is Included:

Singles, Couples and Families

Compact Outdoor Spaces

What’s included with Plungie Studio Precast Concrete Pool?

Wondering what you get out of the box with the Plungie Studio Precast Concrete Pool Package? Every Studio Pool comes with the following as standard.

Pools-Now will provide a concrete plunge pool, install it, and also provide an equipment package to get you swimming in weeks – not months. 

Our Plunge Pool packages and rapid installation timelines will make you smile – you just need your swimsuits!

Concrete Shell with your custom finish, multi-colored LED light, skimmer box, 2 returns, 2 suctions, hydrostatic valve, pump, chlorinator, and filter.

Still need customization for your Plunge Pools?

Let us show you automation options for cleaning and maintenance. 

We want to make your life less complicated. 

Dive into convenience and innovation with our range of equipment packages and add-ons.

If you’re eager to take that early swim with our expedited setup package. We also include fancy remote pool maintenance service using our Smart package complete with Wi-Fi connectivity and an intelligent chlorinator.

We have tailored plunge pool options for every budget and requirement. And don’t let the cold hold you back; with our heating solutions, your Pools-Now experience can be a year-round luxury.

Browse our diverse lineup of pre-cast concrete swimming pools and find the perfect fit for your pool needs!

Got questions?

Is the advertised price fully installed?


Yes. We are proud that our installers are our employees.

Any options that are not covered under our build package (chillers, UV packages, Solar, Tiling).

Additional costs would include abnormal site and project-specific issues.  For example – we do not cover are unexpected events that require dewatering (if we hit groundwater). 


Part of the Pools-Now package we build a pre-engineered concrete slab is required as the base footing for our concrete pool to sit on top of.

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