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Elevate Your Pool Experience with Premium Add-Ons

Dive deeper into relaxation and luxury with our selection of top-tier pool modifications, thoughtfully curated to enhance every swim. Select from our impressive range of high-performance pool pumps, tailored for optimal efficiency and precision.

For those who crave the comforting embrace of warm water, our cutting-edge pool pump heater promises consistent and efficient heating, ensuring every swim is a blissful escape from the daily grind. Conversely, as summer temperatures soar, our advanced chiller system stands ready to deliver a refreshing oasis, ensuring your pool remains a cool haven no matter the heat outside.

With Pools Now, every detail matters. Why settle for ordinary when you can elevate your pool experience to unparalleled luxury? Dive into our selection today and transform every swim into an indulgence.

Add-Ons and Modifications to Elevate Pool Experience

Pool Pump Heater/Chiller

Pool Pump Heater/Chiller Package

Versatile Heating and Cooling for Every Season

Our heater pump offers the dual benefit of both heating and cooling capabilities, making it an ideal choice for warmer climates. Whether you’re looking to take the edge off during those sizzling summer days or extend your swimming season into the cooler months, this pump has you covered. Perfect for those who cherish their summer swims and want optimal pool temperatures year-round.

$12,000 installed

Gas Heater

Gas Pool Heater

Experience Year-Round Warmth

Designed for continuous comfort, our heater has the capacity to warm your custom pool up to a cozy 104°F. It’s the ideal choice for enthusiasts who believe pool season should never come to a close.

$9,000 Installed

Spa Jets

Spa Jets

Elevate Your Pools-Now Experience

Transform your Pools Now into a sanctuary of relaxation with our Spa Jet Add-On. Dive into a spa-inspired ambiance and let the gentle massage of the spa jets soothe your senses. Elevate your pool moments, making every dip feel like a luxurious spa retreat.

$9.000 Installed

Waterline Tile Provision

Choosing Your Pool’s Aesthetic Touches

Adding a touch of elegance with a waterline tile can set your pool apart. When deciding on your pool’s color, we can make provisions for the finish to halt at the skimmer entry’s base. This enables you to later introduce a waterline tile for that added aesthetic appeal once your pool is installed.

The designated spot for the waterline is situated approximately 8 inches from the pool’s top edge, with the finish ending just above the initial corner step.

Important Considerations:

  1. It’s essential to specify your need for a waterline tile provision at the time you place your order.
  2. While Pools-Now will prepare the necessary provision for the waterline tile, customers are responsible for supplying both the tiles and the installation services.

Base Equipment Package

Our base equipment package is all you need to get your Pools-Now pool running and your family swimming!


Price Includes Delivery and Installation