Plunge Pools

Can I change the size of the pool?

With all Pools-Now Packages, you have a choice of 4 sizes (ArenaStudioOriginal, and Max)So there are many options to change the size of the plunge pool.

How deep are your pools?

Every Pools-Now’s external shell height is 5′ 6″, which makes the typical water depth 4′ 11″.

What is the internal coating of the pool?

The internal coating of the pool is ecoFINISH, which is a highly engineered form of powder coating. It is a very premium quality coating, very liked by our customers.

Find out more here  about interior coating+

We also offer an alternative raw concrete internal finish, this is a great option if you are looking to tile your entire pool. 

What is the external finish of the pool?

The external surfaces of our plunge pools are delivered with a Class 2 concrete finish. 

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Does it come with coping tiles?

Coping tiles can easily be added to the pool, however, we don’t sell them directly.

Can I tile my Pool?

Yes, your pool can be tiled internally or externally. We don’t offer tiling services.

Are the pools fiberglass?

No. Every pool is made from concrete.

Does it come with heating?

Every Pools-Now Package can be ordered with provisions for heating. 

What heating options can I use for my Pool?

Every Pools-Now Package can use an electric heat pump, gas heater, or solar heating.

Can I upgrade my equipment?

Yes, you can. We have lots of different precast concrete pool packages with many available upgrades and equipment packages.

Upgrade Options can be found in the modification section.

Plunge Pool Installation

Do you do pool installations?

Yes. We perform the pool installation process for every Pools-Now Package. 

Does the pool need to sit on a concrete slab?

Yes. We install a pre-engineered concrete slab as required as the base footing for every Pools-Now Package.

Can it go above ground?

Yes. All Pools-Now Packages can be installed fully above-ground, fully in-ground, semi-recessed, or even on a rooftop.

Can it go on a sloping block?

The Pools Now is perfect for any site, including sloping blocks.

Can the plunge pool itself be used to retain my block?

Yes, the plunge pool can be used to retain the block.

My soil is sandy – can the Pools-Now still go on that?

Yes, slab requirements differ based on the soil type, but a Pools-Now Package is a perfect solution for sandy soil. We have pre-engineered specifications that detail the requirements.

Can the plunge pool bear weight like a deck or fence?

The plunge pools are not designed to be weight-bearing. Direct fixing of structural members will void the ten-year structural warranty.


Do you offer financing? 

Yes. For competitive rates,  we partnered with HFS and Viking Capital

Do you have a showroom?

No, we don’t have a showroom. This helps us lower the price of the plunge pools for you!

What warranty comes with the pool?

A ten-year structural & ecoFINISH coating warranty comes with every Pools Now package.

Do you sell robotic cleaners?

Robotic cleaners can be purchased separately through Pools-Now.

Do you sell a ladder to get into the pool?

Ladders can be purchased separately.

Can I get spa jets?

Yes, we currently offer a spa jet package.
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Terms + Conditions

Plunge Pool Pricing

Is the advertised price fully installed?

Yes. The advertised price is for a Pools-Now Package that includes installation and setup.

Besides the pool and equipment costs, what else do I have to pay for?

Additional costs are always site and project-specific issues that include dewatering, additional inspections, unsettled soil, optional equipment, and specialized finishings (tile, coping). 

Does the price include equipment?

Yes. Every Pools-Now Package has a skimmer, multi-colored LED light, hydrostatic valve, choice of finish colors coating, pump, chlorinator, and filter. 

Additional equipment and modification options can be purchased/installed.