Choose Your Water Color

Variety of Pool Color Options

Discover a diverse range of pool colors that can be used on concrete, fiberglass, and metal substrates. We have a wide range of color options that can be used on concrete, fiberglass and metal substrates. Our selection goes beyond the conventional blue and gray finishes. We've drawn inspiration from captivating beaches worldwide, including the pink coral sands of Indonesia and Barbuda, the black sands of Santorini and Hawai'i, and the exotic olivine sands of Ecuador, Norway, and Guam. Whether your style is classic and traditional. or you envision a backyard paradise, our extensive color palette empowers you to create a pool that truly reflects your style.

But the decision isn't just  about choosing a color swatch. Our innovative water color selector offers you the opportunity to match the finish with the water color effect you desire. The appearance of the water will vary, with the coating color taking center stage in shallow areas such as steps, sun shelves, benches, and other entry points. These subtle nuances contribute to the beauty and individuality of your pool, allowing you to achieve the perfect pool water color that complements your chosen finish's pool color.

Kona Coast
Blue Lagoon
Mediterranean Blue
Commercial Blue
Midnight Blue
Sandy Beach
Giallo Versilia
Blue Granite
Grey Reef
French Grey
Perle Noire
Sahara Sand
California White
Blue Mist
Ice Ice Bay Bay
Pacific Blue
Black Absinthe
Cabo Verde
*Samples displayed are a representation of the actual manufacturer’s color. Colors may vary slightly from those shown. Ask your Sales Representative for actual color samples before purchasing.
Light Blue
Bright Blue
Ocean Blue
Deepest Blue
Light Blue
Blue Granite aquaBRIGHT
Blue Mist aquaBRIGHT
Konna Coast aquaBRIGHT
Santorini polyFIBRO
California White aquaBRIGHT
California White aquaBRIGHT
Bright Blue
Ice Ice Bay Bay polyFIBRO
Pacific Blue polyFIBRO
Commercial Blue
Ocean Blue
Mediterranean Blue aquaBRIGHT
Grey Reef aquaBRIGHT
Blue Lagoon aquaBRIGHT
Deepest Blue
Midnight Blue aquaBRIGHT
Perle Noire aquaBRIGHT
Blue Granite aquaBRIGHT
Black Absinthe polyFIBRO
Marrakesh polyFIBRO
Cabo Verde polyFIBRO
Sandy Beach polyFIBRO
Giallo Versilia polyFIBRO
Sahara Sand aquaBRIGHT
Barbuda polyFIBRO